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We can help with business succession disputes

Many Minnesota residents own their own business. Small businesses make up an important part of the Minnesota economy. While some businesses have been in the same family for generations, every small business owner works hard to ensure their business succeeds. When it comes time for the business to pass to the next generation, probate litigation can arise.

Preventing elderly financial abuse

Elderly financial abuse is common and fraud or undue influence can seriously affect a person's financial affairs. It seems as if there are news story about an elderly person who has been taken advantage of quite frequently. Even if a family thinks it will never happen to their loved one, you just never know.

Financial abuse of the elderly can happen to anyone in Minnesota

An elderly person often entrusts their financial matters to a family member or friend once they are unable to handle their finances on their own. Usually this relationship works well and allows the elderly person to have help with their financial matters. But, occasionally this trusted person takes advantage of the elderly person which can result in financial exploitation, and subsequently, probate litigation.

Multi-millionaire's estate under turmoil

When a person dies, their estate is left to whomever was mentioned in their estate plan. But, sometimes, it does not go as simply as one would expect. In situations where there are multiple marriages and children, large amounts of money and property, and other complicated matters, a person's estate may not be settled easily. An estate dispute is common and may require probate litigation.

What does the probate process entail?

There is a lot of misinformation about probate, and many people might have the impression that they should avoid the process at all costs. In fact, it is a process that can help ensure the wishes of a loved one are fulfilled when a will is challenged or issues are present when an estate plan is executed.

Guiding you through the probate litigation process

We often take steps to protect ourselves and those we love. This is often the premise for estate planning. We take the time to draft specific documents with the intent to communicate our wishes at the end of our life and after our passing. With certain estate planning documents, it is possible to avoid the probate process; however, this is not always the case. Because it is not always possible to avoid probate, our heirs might have to endure this process after our passing.

Many probate disputes can be settled using mediation

When a loved one dies, they usually leave some assets for their heirs. Many times, these assets are addressed in a will or trust and the estate is settled. But, occasionally there is an estate dispute among the heirs and beneficiaries that needs to be addressed. In these emotional situations, mediation may be a good option.

Money missing from an estate may be a common occurrence

Many Minnesota residents work hard to earn their money and leave a legacy for generations to come. Most of the time, this money is passed to the next generation without incident. But, occasionally, money goes missing, leaving families wondering what happened.

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