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Family cabins may cause an estate dispute

Minnesota residents are lucky to live in a state with a high number of cabin owners. Going "up north" is a common occurrence throughout the year, with many families owning a vacation home. These cabins are often passed from generation to generation, but there can be complications that arise as well.

When can a family challenge a conservator's duties?

Minnesota families who have a child that is cognitively delayed have probably established a conservator. A conservator is appointed when a person is not able to manage their own affairs and the conservator is entrusted with the care of this person. A conservator has a lot of responsibilities, and, occasionally, families may wonder if the conservator is doing anything illegal.

How do family members invalidate wills?

When a Minnesota resident has taken the time to create an estate plan, they believe it will be followed after their death. A person's will is an important document that helps a family understand how their loved one wants their assets distributed after their death. When a family squabbles over a will, they may want to work to invalidate it.

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