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September 2016 Archives

Dispute over Hall of Fame baseball player's estate goes on

Although the parties involved were reportedly close to resolving their differences, it now appears that the ongoing probate dispute over the estate of baseball great Ernie Banks, a Hall of Fame player who may be a familiar name to Saint Paul, Minnesota, baseball fans, will continue for the time being.

Pledges to charity can cause probate issues

Although in many cases probate litigation starts because of a disagreement between family members and other heirs, several previous posts here have discussed situations in which there can be a probate-related lawsuit even though family members and loved ones are all in agreement on how to handle an estate.

If a trust is being misinterpreted, options are available

A recent post here discussed how Minnesota courts will interpret a confusing trust document. Basically, the goal is always to carry out the wishes of the person who created the trust. Of course, figuring out what exactly those wishes are is often the challenge.

How will a Minnesota court interpret a trust?

One of the reasons trust disputes emerge in Saint Paul, Minnesota, is that the document creating the trust is not clearly written. An unclear document, incidentally, is not always the fault of the person drafting it; sometimes, the lack of clarity is intentional, and, at other times, there was just no language available that could clearly address the issue at hand.

A quick refresher on evaluating private stock

Although a previous post here discussed how to put a value on a private business for probate purposes, some Saint Paul, Minnesota, residents might not know about how business valuation relates to placing a price on shares of stock in a private company. In any event, a quick refresher might be helpful, especially since many probate litigation issues are the result of disputes over estate valuation, particularly when the item in question is hard to put a price tag on.

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