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May 2016 Archives

More on the dangers of not writing a will

This blog has frequently discussed how probate litigation is more likely when a deceased person in Saint Paul or another part of Minnesota dies without a will or other formal estate plan. Although in some rare cases dying without a will might not be important, in most cases one of several problems will rear its ugly head and, potentially, cause probate litigation

Helping our clients effectively challenge a will

Last week's post on this blog discussed in general the various legal reasons that families or other interested parties may have for challenging a will. Legal reasons aside, there are also emotional reasons that family members engage in will contests, even when doing so involves suing one's own relatives.

3 things to know about contesting a will

Even the most carefully crafted wills can still run into legal issues after a loved one passes away. Whether it's due to hurt feelings by those left out of the will -- or legitimate invalidating concerns -- there are plenty of cases where Minnesota residents have wills that end up being disputed.

How does one decide who the personal representative is?

As this blog has talked about previously, a personal representative in a Minnesota estate case has a lot of power. Basically, he or she calls the shots about how estate property is managed and can greatly affect whether other family members and friends receive all of their inheritances.

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