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February 2016 Archives

Common sources of charitable trust litigation

As this blog has reminded its Minnesota readers many times, trust litigation does not necessarily have to be between family members. Oftentimes, residents of Saint Paul may want to set up a charitable trust that will benefit a person's favorite house of worship, cultural site or nonprofit organization. As with other trusts, sometimes things can go awry and end up in litigation or a sticky legal situation.

Update on court battle involving media mogul

Our Minnesota readers may remember that several weeks ago, this blog reported on a developing court battle involving a media mogul, who is over 90, and his former girlfriend. The former girlfriend, 40 years the man's junior, was acting as the businessman's health care representative and monitoring his care.

Assistance in navigating the probate process

As last week's post discussed, being a personal representative in Minnesota carries with it a lot of responsibility and exposes the personal representative to a lot of potential pitfalls. Many of the probate mistakes discussed last week are not uncommon, nor are they entirely beyond the pale of reasonableness. Many personal representatives who are only acting in good faith can easily make a bad investment decision, or, in an effort to be nice or even responsible, inadvertently mishandle estate property.

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