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December 2015 Archives

Planning can prevent later estate litigation

It is now the season of family gatherings, holiday parties, and spending time with loved ones. In fact, readers of this Minnesota probate and estate administration law blog may be in the process of traveling to or from get-togethers with their friends and relatives. For many Minnesota families, the holidays are the only time of year when they are with all of their parents, siblings, and other important connections. Though it may not sound like a lot of fun, the holidays can be a good time to discuss estate planning with one's parents and siblings.

When a trust goes awry, we can help set thing right

In last week's post, we discussed how it is possible for Minnesota trust disputes to arise over an inheritance when property gets inadvertently left out of a trust at the time of a person's death. This is not as difficult to do as one might seem, as an improper or non-existent pour over will could mean that property a person chose to keep outside of a trust does now wind up in the possession of the trust.

Pour over wills and trust litigation

Many Minnesotans may have heard of living trusts, and a few Saint Paul residents may even have one or plan to use one as a tool for passing their property on to their loved ones after they die. Although whether this estate planning tool is the right one for a given situation is not a question for this blog, this blog has often discussed ways in which a Minnesotan can avoid trust disputes down the road by attending to their estate plans properly.

Young beneficiary receives large, confusing inheritance

Minnesota residents often work hard during their lifetimes in order to save for their retirements and to hopefully have enough left over when they pass away to give something to their heirs. Depending upon the amount of wealth that decedents have in their estate, their heirs and beneficiaries could stand to receive a lot of money or assets upon their death. While some heirs may be prepared to understand and manage their newly acquired wealth, others may be overwhelmed by the windfall that is bestowed upon them.

Hospitalized billionaire center of estate row

A titan in the media industry that might be known to Minnesotans as a primary stakeholder in television network CBS is now, at least according to a lawsuit filed by his longtime companion, incapable of making medical decisions or himself, or, for that matter, appointing a new person to make those decisions on his behalf.

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