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September 2015 Archives

Trust battle involving NFL owner continues

The latest in a series of battles in an ongoing war between a businessman who owns an NFL football team and his family continues as an appeals court recently agreed with a lower court's decision that the businessman should no longer be allowed to serve as trustee for a trust that was set up for the businessman's daughter. Fans of the Minnesota Vikings and those who follow this blog may be familiar with the background of this case.

Are there restrictions on an attorney-in-fact's self-dealing?

Many residents of Saint Paul may at some point in their lives have to resort to relying on an attorney-in-fact in order to help them maintain their property. Minnesotans can appoint an attorney-in-fact by creating and signing a valid Minnesota power of attorney that gives the attorney in fact the right to make important financial decisions for the protected person.

Additional advice to avoid will contests and other disputes

Every so often, this blog has offered advice on how Minnesota residents can avoid a situation in which their loved ones and family members get involved a heated probate dispute between themselves. While many of these tips have focused on how people draft a will or trust, there are things that Minnesotans can do beyond the actual drafting of a will that can help prevent a nasty and expensive will contest.

We'll look at the 'small' cases too

Last week's post discussed what happens in cases where a person leaves only little property for his or her estate to distribute. When people own less than $50,000 in personal property in their individual names, a probate proceeding may be unnecessary, so long as the person also does not own real estate.

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