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August 2015 Archives

When is probate not necessary in Minnesota?

When most Minnesota residents die, their loved ones will have to open a probate proceeding, if for no another reason than to sell a person's home or handle a few pieces of personal property. However, in some cases, a probate proceeding is not necessary, and family members and friends can simply divide up property among themselves.

Legal dispute threatens 'Tortilla King's' fortune

The death of the founder of Gruma Corp., a corporation which manufactures different brands of tortillas that can be found in St. Paul, Minnesota homes, has left his loved ones fighting for control over his billions of dollars. Although the businessman died in 2012, his legal wife and children continue their probate battle with the businessman's female companion, a famous Mexican singer and actress. The companion claims that she legally married the businessman and has a right to her share in his fortune. Not surprisingly, the man's legal wife and children dispute this claim.

Representing Minnesota conservators

The last several posts here have discussed the powers, roles and responsibilities of Minnesota conservators. If anything, the information may convince our Saint Paul readers that they do not want to ever serve as a conservator. However, many Minnesota residents will experience a time in which a loved one needs another person to look after his or her property in order to protect and preserve it.

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