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April 2015 Archives

How we help Minnesota families caught in trust disputes

A trust is just one of many estate planning tools that a Minnesota resident can choose. A recent post on this blog discussed how a trustee in Minnesota has a right to make reasonable investment decisions on behalf of the trust and its ultimate beneficiaries. While many if not most trustees do just that, some trustees are irresponsible or careless about how they invest or use trust funds.

The 'prudent investor' rule's role in Minnesota trust disputes

In Minnesota, administrators of family trusts, often called "trustees" have a lot of power. Sometimes, they are in control of millions, or even tens of millions, of dollars in assets. With this power comes a lot of responsibility. Minnesota trustees have an obligation not only to preserve the property that is in the trust but also to ensure that the trust grows. This is only a just expectation of those heirs and beneficiaries who will ultimately inherit the wealth contained in the trust.

For determining value of estate, what is control stock?

The last several posts on this blog have discussed the valuation of stock or other types of interest in a business within the context of probate litigation. Although valuing an interest in a business is simple enough for stocks that are traded on the open market, it can be very difficult to value a family-owned business or farm.

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