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December 2014 Archives

How do a guardianship and a conservatorship differ?

Many Minnesotans who follow this blog have probably read about guardianships and conservatorships and the probate issues that can arise on account of them. However, other residents of Ramsey County might not have an exact idea of how a guardianship works.

The importance of quality legal skills in a probate case

Many of this blog's prior posts, when discussing noteworthy probate battles, report on various evidentiary disputes often brought to the forefront by the conflicting testimony of witnesses. Often times, a person faced with a will contest or other probate litigation will indeed need to rely on a thorough investigation and solid presentation skills in court.

Probate litigation can be sometimes difficult to avoid

No one in Minnesota honestly wants to see their children, other loved ones or even beloved charities engaged in a court battle after his or her death. Probate litigation, it must be admitted, usually means that some of the inheritance, sometimes a good portion, will wind up going to litigation expenses instead of to either party to the lawsuit.

Antique books at the center of probate dispute

Some Minnesotans may be familiar with the work of Maurice Sendak, who wrote and illustrated many books of so-called children's literature. His most famous work is probably "Where the Wild Things Are." Now, and unfortunately for his family and friends, a dispute over how his estate is distributing his property and the ensuing probate litigation threatening to make his estate administration seem much like the thick jungle of his famous book.

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