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September 2014 Archives

Navigating a trust dispute in Minnesota

When a trust is established, it is devised to benefit the loved one for which it was set up. Although no issues were apparent at the time the legal document was created, trust disputes could arise. Our firm understands that beneficiaries and trustees in Minnesota may encounter issues regarding a trust. In some cases, disputes develop when the value of the trust is in question. In order to properly address these issues, individuals should determine what information they seek and what their overall goals are when initiating trust litigation.

Is it time to update your will?

Under Minnesota law, a person is not required to have a will. However, a will can be a useful item that maps out how a deceased person's estate will be divided up, and can help insure each person receives the correct inheritance. Whether a person is in their 20s or 80s, it's never too early or too late to create a will. After a will is made, there can be many reasons a person might choose to update it.

Reducing the stress of probate litigation

Last week's post about the Anna Nicole Smith case described what may well be the worst case scenario for a family or organization embroiled in a dispute over a will or over the property from an estate. In the case of Anna Nicole Smith, her relatives and executors have been left with a high legal bill but with nothing to show for it. For those who cared about her situation, it may seem that her litigation against her husband's estate was for naught.

Anna Nicole Smith will contest case may finally be over

Many Minnesotans may remember the ongoing saga of the estate of Anna Nicole Smith, a former model and TV personality who died of an overdose some years ago, and the family of her late husband, an oil tycoon. According to some recent reports, the protracted legal battle may have finally come to an end.

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