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August 2014 Archives

Where to turn when probate litigation ensues

Minnesota readers of this blog know that many of its posts caution that no matter what a person tries to do in his or her lifetime, there is always the possibility of probate litigation following his or her death. Despite having what seems like an airtight estate plan, there is just no predicting how people will respond to the death and the fallout from it.

Disinheriting a child can be cause of probate litigation

Some Minnesota families may know the feeling of having a child or children who, for whatever reason, have become separated from the rest of the family. While this is no doubt a tragedy for many Minnesota residents who only want reconciliation and peace in their families, sometimes a person must make the painful decision to disinherit a child or another close relative.

Probate fight over sale of basketball team continues

Minnesota basketball fans, and particularly those who follow this blog regularly, are probably aware of the ongoing court battle over the sale of a major professional basketball team in another state. The sale not only has attracted national attention because parts of the story have racial overtones but also has raised several interesting issues about probate law.

What are the reasons for contesting a will?

Those Minnesota residents who either have been through a probate dispute with other family members or who have followed this blog regularly may be wont to think that it is a common occurrence for a disgruntled family member or friend to challenge a deceased person's will.

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