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July 2014 Archives

Sibling squabbles often lead to probate litigation

Families in Minnesota know how difficult the death of a parent can be. In addition to the huge emotional toll, the death of both parents leaves brothers and sisters having to sort out finances and figure out how to dispose of property. While everyone hopes that this process can move along without any conflict, sometimes old or even more recent sibling rivalries can have an effect on the probate process, sometimes resulting in probate litigation that only adds to the emotional stress of the death in the family.

Family of radio star embroiled in probate dispute

Although some Minnesotans might find it hard to believe, sometimes families entangled in probate litigation may not even be able to agree on the most basic of things, including how and where to dispose of their loved one's dead body. This can cause emotional and legal headaches.

Elderly woman's estate subject of will contest

There are many senior citizens in Minnesota who have a great deal of wealth but do not have a lot of family members or loved they could leave an inheritance to. While this situation may present a great opportunity for that person to leave their fortune to charities of their choice, it also presents an occasion for unscrupulous people to take advantage of an elderly person and funnel that person's wealth to himself or herself.

Buying a home before marriage could lead to probate issues

According to a recent report, more and more couples in a committed relationship are buying a house for themselves even before they get married. According to this report, 25 percent of those couples between ages 18 and 34 purchase a house before they say their wedding vows.

Living trusts will not necessarily prevent probate litigation

Minnesota residents may have heard about living trusts. Sometimes, people attempt to convince residents, especially the elderly, that they need a living trust in order to "avoid probate" and the supposed expenses and costs associated therewith.

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