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June 2014 Archives

Trust litigation over Los Angeles Clippers sale heats up

Our readers from the Twin Cities area who follow the Minnesota Timberwolves, or are just all-around fans of NBA basketball, have probably heard about the ongoing saga of Donald Sterling. Recently, the NBA prohibited Sterling from maintaining ownership of his team, the Los Angeles Clippers, and also fined him on account of certain racial slurs he made.

Estate planning in Minnesota without a beneficiary

During most people's lifetimes, they can accumulate a lot of assets. These assets may be in the form of money, investments, personal property or real estate. However, no matter what form the assets take, people cannot take them with them when they pass. Therefore, people need to come up with an estate plan to handle how their assets should be dealt with in the event of their death.

Trust litigation ensues for Minnesota family

Minnesota residents generally want to ensure that their families are happy and taken care of. This holds true even after a person passes away. People don't want to leave their families with a burden or a massive legal headache. In order to avoid these issues, people can use different estate planning tools to make sure their families are taken care following their death. With proper estate planning people can also make sure their final wishes are respected after they pass.

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