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April 2014 Archives

Family members of Mickey Rooney plan will contest

Many Minnesota are saddened by the recent death of longtime Hollywood celebrity Mickey Rooney. However, they may be interested to know that, even though he reportedly has an estate of only $18,000, his children have indicated that they plan to challenge his most recent will.

Daughter of Anna Nicole Smith may receive millions in sanctions

Minnesota residents who are involved in court battles over an inheritance need to remember that certain rules apply to probate matters, just as they do in any other court proceeding. Courts expect that those who appear before the tribunal will speak truthfully and will not attempt to hide or destroy evidence, even if that evidence is not helpful to a person's case.

Woman accused of self-dealing disputes jury's decision

Our readers in Minnesota who follow this blog probably know that if a family member or other rightful heir to an estate believes that a loved one's will is invalid or otherwise has concerns about the probate process can initiate a will contest, seek to have a personal representative removed or ask a court for other appropriate relief.

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