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March 2014 Archives

Will a future inheritance boom impact MN estate valuation?

Although some have dubbed the times in which we live a "new Gilded Age," there are some notable differences. Minnesota residents may have already heard that the wealth in this country is heavily concentrated, with 1 percent of American families holding about 35 percent of the country's riches.

Minnesotans can take steps to avoid inheritance fights

Minnesotans who have been through a contested probate case or other inheritance dispute know that such controversies can take an enormous emotional and financial toll on families. While some of these probate fights may be unavoidable, there are things that Minnesotans can do to prevent some probate controversies.

Is a Power of Attorney a license to steal or a helpful tool?

Is a Power of Attorney a license to steal or a helpful tool? The answer is that it can be either. A power of attorney in the wrong hands can be used to financially exploit you. You can and should read about financial exploitation. Click here to read more about it.

Will contest in Marilyn Monroe photographer's estate heats up

Unfortunately, a will contest can plague any Minnesota family who has had a close relative die. Although will contests can happen in any Saint Paul or Ramsey County estate, they often occur in situations in which a person who dies has children by a prior marriage, but also has a new husband or wife.

Celebrities who did not leave wills instead left estate fights

Minnesota residents may have heard of famous people like the artist Pablo Picassso and rock stars Sonny Bono, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley. While these people may seem like they have nothing in common with Abraham Lincoln and eccentric businessman Howard Hughes, in fact they all have one common bond: they all died without leaving a will.

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