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February 2014 Archives

Family members contest will of murdered hotel mogul

Some Minnesota residents may travel south during the late winter or early spring this year in order to take a break from 2014's bitterly cold winter. While on vacation, some may have stayed at the famous Fontainebleau hotel that is located in a resort area in a southern state. Those who have seen this hotel may be interested in the ongoing developments of a red-hot will contest among the family members and the other associates of the man who was once heir to this famous hotel.

Remains of athlete Jim Thorpe subject of ongoing court battle

A probate dispute in Minnesota will usually be resolved by Minnesota's own court system because the laws of Minnesota usually govern things like will contests and conflicts over trusts and estates. However, as illustrated by a case in another state recently, in some situations federal law can apply to probate disputes.

Martin Luther King Jr. property subject of family probate dispute

The children of Martin Luther King, Jr., the famed civil rights leader celebrated by residents of Minnesota and by other Americans around the country, are in the heat of a probate dispute that revolves around the late pastor's personal effects.

Historic Minnesota farm, the subject of legal dispute

A historic farm in Minnesota that is on a national registry is now the subject of ongoing legal disputes that appear to be escalating. The farm is historic because it was once the home of a 19th century immigrant to the Minnesota area from Sweden. The immigrant kept a journal, which now has great significance both to Carver County, Minnesota, and to those of Swedish heritage.

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