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December 2013 Archives

Legal dispute over Farrah Fawcett painting decided, for now

Some of our Minnesota readers may remember that this blog reported on the dispute between a university and an actor over a renowned Andy Warhol portrait of the famous actress Farrah Fawcett. Now, a jury has decided that the actor can keep the portrait of Fawcett as his own.

State senator accused of misuse of funds in estate

Whether one has a will or not, in Minnesota a court will often appoint a person called an "executor" or "conservator" or "personal representative" to handle the affairs of an estate. His or her job is to make sure the estate collects all property belonging to it, and then distributes that property to heirs according to a person's will or state law, whichever is applicable.

More tips to avoid legal disputes over wills

Estate planning, if not done properly, can lead to several types of legal challenges. To follow up on a recent blog post, Minnesota readers may appreciate additional tips on how to avoid emotionally and financially draining legal disputes over a loved one's will, particularly when that loved one is elderly and potentially struggling with chronic illness.

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