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November 2013 Archives

Minnesota families can take steps to avoid future probate trouble

Our St. Paul, Minnesota readers may want to pay attention to the fact that the number of will contests around the country are increasing. This may be attributable to the fact that many people are living to an older age, meaning there is more likely to be a question about that person's mental ability to make a will. Others say that because families often live a long distance from each other and are often blended, it is more likely that there will be a misunderstanding and some sort of will contest or other dispute.

Warhol painting at center of celebrity probate litigation

Heirs and beneficiaries to deceased Minnesota residents can find themselves embroiled in a wide variety of probate and other disputes, particularly when the person who died was not clear about their estate plan or when a plan was made under unusual or suspicious circumstances. In addition to more classical probate litigation, like lawsuits over the validity of a will, one thing that Minnesotans do need to be aware of is the possibility of disputes over what belongs in a person's probate estate in the first place.

Public to hear undue influence disagreement over inheritance

Like most court cases in Minnesota, probate proceedings, including legal disagreements over inheritances, are usually open to the public. Although special circumstances may in some cases result in probate disputes being heard in private, at lot of times it may in fact be in the best interest of family and friends to have probate disputes heard openly in Minnesota's courtrooms.

Dispute of charitable gift latest row in family probate fight

Minnesota residents may be interested to know, in what seems like an unending probate fight amongst the family of wealthy oil tycoon, what some styled as a simple announcement of a generous charitable gift of $3.4 million to the American Cancer Society spawned letters to a major newspaper and calls to attorneys.

Belafonte sues MLK's estate; claims right to sell artifacts

The famous singer and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte, a friend of the late Martin Luther King Jr. and his family, has sued the estate of the Reverend King after the estate supposedly prevented Belafonte from selling off some historic artifacts that once belonged to King.

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