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June 2013 Archives

Nelson Mandela's heirs and beneficiaries fights over his legacy

Minnesota residents may have been following the recent reports of the poor health of the famous former South African President Nelson Mandela. As of this writing, Mandela, 94, was hospitalized with a lung infection. As he lay in a hospital bed, some of his family members were already embroiled in a messy legal battle over his legacy.

Slighted beneficiaries claim cop unduly influenced woman's will

A valid will represents a person's wishes for what is to be done with their property after their death. Since the person is not around anymore to clarify those wishes, Minnesota courts try to stick as close as possible to what the will specifies. However, first, the court must know that the will is valid. There are a number of requirements that go into making a will, but perhaps the most important is that the person making the will, known as the testator, was competent to make a valid will at the time it was executed.

Study shows millennials concerned about their inheritance

There has been a lot of hand-wringing in the media in recent years about what will become of the millennials, the generation of Americans now coming into their early twenties. Magazines, television newscasters and websites all want to know if these social media obsessed youths are prepared for the harsh realities of today's economy. Now one research group has looked at how this generation handles inherited wealth.

Family claims inheritance stolen through financial exploitation

Law enforcement and other officials in Minnesota and around the nation have noticed increasing numbers of cases involving the financial exploitation of vulnerable seniors. Sadly, many family members don't even find out about the exploitation until after their loved ones have passed away, and they learn that the deceased's estate has been damaged by scam artists. In these cases, heirs and beneficiaries may file a will contest in court.

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