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April 2013 Archives

Minnesota farming families and estate planning battles

Minnesota's farming community has shrunk rapidly over the past few decades, as big agricultural corporations increase their holdings and new generations decide to give up the family business. However, many Minnesota farmers are trying to keep the business in the family. This can be tough, however, without an estate plan, Minnesota law will distribute all farm assets equally amongst the heirs, which can create unexpected tax issues or even a family squabble.

Zsa Zsa Gabor's conservator gets the OK from court to sell house

When Minnesota seniors are afflicted with Alzheimer's disease, dementia or some other mental disability that makes them incapable of making financial or legal decisions, a guardianship or conservatorship can allow a family member, friend or trusted professional to make these decisions for them. The process is sometimes necessary and can usually do a lot of good. However, it can also cause problems.

Caregiver charged with financial abuse of elderly man

Officials say that financial exploitation of the elderly is on the rise in Minnesota and around the country. These crimes can have a terrible impact on vulnerable adults, and on the inheritances they want to leave to younger generations. In many cases, the perpetrators use undue influence to gain control of the victim's assets.

When beneficiaries want to benefit others

Trust-fund beneficiaries have a bad reputation in some ways. Adults are sometimes ridiculed as trust-fund babies and college students from wealthy families are labeled trustafarians. Certainly, there are those who inherit wealth and don't seem to do anything with it except provide themselves with luxury. But there are some who inherit money through wills or trusts and give much of it away to deserving charities or even needy friends.

Minnesota asks tax accountants to look for signs of elder abuse

Minnesotan seniors are often at risk of financial exploitation by unscrupulous individuals or businesses that are just trying to take their money. Too often, these seniors' heirs don't even find out about the rip-off until the senior has died and they must engage in probate litigation in an attempt to receive the inheritance their loved one wanted them to have.

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