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November 2012 Archives

Heir charges church order with coercing gift from ailing dad

Leaving a legacy of faith may be on the mind of many Twin Cities residents. A gift in recognition of one's spiritual or religious affiliations can provide a sense of personal fulfillment in return for the personal support a faith-based organization provides over a lifetime. For one man, though, his father's generous gift to a religious organization now appears to be more the result of undue influence than of faith rightly earned.

'Philanthropy' to terminal patients charged as fraud

Twin Cities readers may be interested to learn about an unusual case that raises ethical questions about profiting from another person's misfortune and has many wondering whether a practice touted as offering a benefit to terminally ill patients may in fact be a case of financial exploitation of vulnerable adults. Federal prosecutors have charged an estate planning attorney with counts including conspiracy and mail and wire fraud stemming from his use of financial instruments that would generate profit upon the death of the owner.

Actor's burial on hold amidst probate dispute

In the theme song to the classic television show, the Jefferson family was "moving on up." Unfortunately, Twin Cities readers may be dismayed to learn that the body of Sherman Hemsley, who played the role of family patriarch George Jefferson, is moving nowhere in the midst of an unusual probate dispute.

Sons win undue influence claims in $3 million will contest

Twin Cities readers who followed July's story about an estate dispute over a collectibles business valued at nearly $3 million may be interested to learn that the venerable memorabilia dealership has reopened its doors. An August court ruling in favor of the business owner's sons brought the heated will contest to a close and gave the sons an opportunity to devote their efforts to marshaling business assets.

Hot dispute over Minnesota food magnate's $100 million trusts

Iron Range businessman Jeno Paulucci may be best known to Twin Cities readers by way of his legacy of popular food products. The Hibbing native earned his fortune through the success of brands including Chun King, Jeno's Pizza Rolls and Michelina's frozen meals. The nearly simultaneous death of the entrepreneur and his wife has led to an eight-month long dispute over the administration of family trusts valued at an estimated $100 million.

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