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July 2012 Archives

Will contest continues over $3 million collectibles estate

Collectors in the Twin Cities may take interest in a family dispute over the estate of a Midwestern man who founded a collectibles business with an estimated value approaching $3 million. The will contest centers on claims by the owner's sons that his wife may have been moved by undue influence to change her will during an emotionally vulnerable time.

Elder abuse case takes undue influence to the extreme

A bizarre case of financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult may truly stun Twin Cities readers. The allegations of the 88-year-old male victim, if true, give new meaning to the term undue influence. The exploitation may have gone undiscovered if the elderly man had not been taken to a hospital for a mental health evaluation. His apparent disappearance prompted his family to contact police when they found themselves unable to reach him.

Judge: Hidden art belongs to heirs, not home buyer

We're all familiar with the phrase, "finders, keepers," but the old adage certainly does not hold true in every instance. With that in mind, Twin Cities residents may be interested in an unusual case of probate litigation. According to a news report, a judge decided that valuable artwork discovered hidden in a deceased artist's former home belongs to the artist's heirs and beneficiaries, not to the homeowner who discovered the hidden art stash.

Auto icon's remains linger in limbo of probate dispute

The mention of Carroll Shelby most likely stirs a bit of reverence in many Twin Cities residents who admire the legendary muscle cars bearing the iconic name of the engine designer and former race car driver. The automotive legend died last month after a life spanning 89 years in diverse pursuits that included several marriages. Unfortunately, a final resting place for the renowned race car driver may have to wait until the resolution of probate litigation involving a family dispute over authority to make burial arrangements.

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